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Bull-Oak Firewood - Best there is!

At the end of last years firewood season we were able to start getting a bit of this awesome timber in and we're now pleased to announce that this year we've been able to source a solid supply of Bull-Oak timber to sell out locally.

Bull-Oak (or Buloke) is an ironwood timber which even though being native to Australia, is known as being the hardest wood in the world (with a Janka Hardness of 5060 lbf). It makes for excellent firewood for a few reasons but mainly as it burns slower, has a much higher heat output and has better coaling properties than ironbark timber.

It's so important to know the quality of the firewood that you use and we couldn't be prouder of ours. Our supplier is a member of the Firewood Association of Australia (FAA) and they only process timber that is sourced through sustainable forestry practices. Our Bull-Oak firewood has less than 25% moisture content, as is recommended by the FAA for optimum burning.

Winter can be amazing with the awesome ambiance that only a roaring fire can provide.

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