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A cut above!

We're expanding our capabilities here at Palmers Landscapes and have recently acquired another piece of machinery to be able to carry out different jobs.

Our new John Deere 5045E Tractor is now available for hired slashing work. Slashing is mostly performed on small acre paddocks for various good reasons and then on larger paddocks for the mandatory fire breaks around the boundary.

There are plenty of good reasons to have your block regularly slashed, here are a few:

  • Makes your grounds look tidy! Regular slashing keeps your block looking tidy and a tidy and house-proud community builds a reputation that real estate agents LOVE ($$$)!

  • Reducing the bulk of pasture. A large bulk of pasture can be a fire hazard so on small acreage it's best to keep it low. More valuable information on fire hazard reduction can be found at

  • Safeguard yourself and your family from snakes. Keep the grasses low and clear so the slinky ones have nowhere to hide! More info in this great ABC article

  • Managing weeds. Slashing can be a great tool in controlling weeds, such as thistles, that can establish on bare ground during variable weather conditions. These weeds are best if they are slashed before they go to seed. Woody weeds such as wild rosemary and some wattles can be controlled by regular slashing when they are small, reducing the likelihood of having to undertake a major weed control program after the weeds become established.

We can happily quote longer term contracts as well as casual jobs so just give us a call: 02 6742 0415.

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